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Photography has been my favorite hobby since childhood. It was initially limited to souvenir photos for my family and friends, but later progressed into photojournalism when I worked for newspapers in Saigon, Vietnam. In 1969, I stepped into the world of fine art photography, which opened up a new avenue. I plunged myself into this field with passion. During the Vietnam War, however, I put photography on hold to take care of my family. Afterward, I worked to earn a living for my family in the U.S. In 2003, I was able to hold a camera again to carry out the dreams I once had.

I believe that all artists share a common goal of expressing beauty regardless of cultural or political views. The concept of beauty can bring all people together no matter their age or gender.  As beauty is so widely defined, this album consists of the photos that reflect the concepts of beauty from my point of view. I am open to any opinions for improvement.

I have participated in contests around the world as an opportunity to learn from other photographers’ techniques and to look into updated concepts of photography. These contests have also allowed me to evaluate my work objectively and to continue my ongoing journey in photography. The biggest joy and satisfaction for me is to take as many beautiful photos as possible. I have traveled thousands of miles and waited up many days and nights to capture the photographs that are featured in this album. In addition, you will also find the snapshots that I have taken with a small compact digital camera during spontaneous moments.  I hope you enjoy all and can offer any words of feedback.


Ducte Le


Đôi Dòng Tâm Sự

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